Porsche Advanced
VIN Decoder

Purchase for
$ 1299

We offer a service that will provide advanced VIN decoding of your Porsche vehicle. A PDF file will be generated and immediately emailed to you. The multipage document will include as much information as available including user selected options, factory installed options, engine and transmission types and serial numbers, paint codes, interior trim codes, build dates and more.

This is useful for Porsche repair and restoration shops, maintenance facilities, parts suppliers, auction houses and enthusiasts. This does not include any pricing information.

Available for all Porsche vehicles with a 17-digit VIN. For older Porsche models, limited information will be available. This service is ideal for 1995 or newer models but will work for older models (with limited information).

German translation may be required. If needed, please contact us and we will send you an English translated PDF. See the image to view a sample document. Non-refundable.

The VIN report is available for purchase even if the VIN isn't visible via the search box on the homepage.

Advanced VIN Decoding Benefits

  1. Accurate information on factory-fitted options including full build codes and factory fitted options
  2. Destination country/market
  3. Limitation numbers and PTS colors (where possible & available)
  4. Original production build date and factory invoice dates
  5. Original Engine and Transmission Numbers (where available)
  6. Hardware and Software version numbers
  7. Compatible with all Porsche models including international VINs